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Wynand wildlife is 'n lid van WRSA
7 x Golden wildebeest bulls (Rooibokkraal) February 2017  Sold
12 to 13 months old
The seller has been breeding with golden wildebeest for 17 years
These bulls were bred out of a group of 140 split and golden wildebeest cows
The fathers are a variety of golden wildebeest breeding bulls, measuring 26½" to 29¼"
Very light body, mains, and tails. These bulls have large bodies for their ages
R 60 000 elk + BTW gelaai op vervoer

The photos were taken in November 2016

12 x Golden wildebeest bulls (Rooibokkraal) January 2017  Sold
2 to 5 years old
Breeder is Kruger van Zyl
These bulls were bred on an open 600 hectares farm, out of a group of 140 golden wildebeest. The breeding bulls in the herd measured 26½" tot 29¼", with the majority being 27" to 28". They are the fathers of these bulls.
Large body golden wildebeest bulls, with beautiful light coloured body, mains and tails.
R 80 000 each + VAT loaded onto transport. Price is negotiable

29" Golden wildebeest bull (Thabazimbi) October 2016  Sold
4 Years old
29 5/8". The bull was darted and measured on 10 October 2016
The father of this bull measured 30 1/8"
The mother of this bull, is a split cow that measured 23 2/8"
Serious buyers can contact me for photos, and to view the bull
R 1 800 000 + VAT loaded onto transport
golden gnu wildebeest bulls cows heifers for sale

Golden wildebeest bull (Rooibokkraal) June 2017  Sold
This bull measured 29.25"
Fathered excellent quality offspring with large bodies and horns
Interested people can contact me for more information, or to go and view the bull
R 300 000 + VAT loaded onto transport

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