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My name is Wynand, and the more beautiful lady is Christel.
We live on a small farm close to Brits, where started breeding with rare wildlife at the end of 2008. Our breeding project grwon over the years, resulting in us breeding with more and more wildlife species and variants. We acquired more land in the area, and also moved some of our wildlife to farms in North West, Limpopo, and more recently to Mpumalanga where our kings wildebeest are.

Wildlife that we farm and breed with: Hartwater springbuck, nyala, golden kings wildebeest, kings wildebeest, black impala, sable antelope, and a few partnerships in other wildlife. We had great results with our golden kings wildebeest, with which we started in 2010. The results of our selective breeding over the years, are very good quality golden kings bulls and heifers, as well as fantastic splits with large visible spots. We started breeding black impala in 2009 with a 21" black ram, which was those days much bigger than the average black ram. Our current black impala breeding ram, measured just under 24" at almost 3 years old. The black impala that we have bred, has an exceptional dark black colour. More recent successes includes a nyala bull measuring 27 6/8" at 3 years 10 months, as well as a fantastic beautiful young hartwater springbuck ram with unbelievable big horns. He is named "Texas", and will be measured when he is a little older.

Wynand worked for 18 years as a field guide in Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and in South Africa where he mostly worked in Kruger National Park. During these 18 years, he spent most of his time in the bush, were he guided foreign tourist in open vehicle wildlife safaris and on walking safaris on foot. He covered many thousands of kilometers by vehicle and on foot, searching for wildlife. Wynand has a passion for wildlife, birds, insects, and the bush since being a young boy. As a youngster he lived in the Marble Hall district, where he spent much time in the veld, and developed the love for the bush.

To be a successful field guide in various countries, requires good knowledge and understanding of all wildlife, birds, insects and the bush. During the 18 years he studied hard, wrote many exams, and exchanged information with other field guides. During off days and holidays, Wynand spent more time on his own in the bush. He regularly followed and studied a variety of wildlife species, to learn more about their habits, social development, grazing, dominant behaviour, and more.

Wynand met Christel during December 2000 in Kruger National Park. Christel was born, raised, and lived in the Netherlands. Christel loves the nature, and visited in previous years many of the East Africa countries. In 2001 she decided to exchange her life in Holland for a life in South Africa with Wynand. She started learning more and more about the bush, the wildlife, and birds. Now she has very good knowledge of the wildlife in the nature, as well as the wildlife that we breed with. Wynand and Christel are best friends, and she often joins him on farm visits, or when loading sold animals, or to view wildlife. Most of our regular clients know Christel very well.

Wynand wildlife services agent selling golden kings wildebeest gnu royal gnu, sables sable antelope, buffalo, springbuck, roans roan antelope, blesbuck
Wynand wildlife is 'n lid van WRSA
Wynand wildlife agent
We have the knowledge and experience.
We have been breeding ourselves with a variety of wildlife since 2008, as mentioned above. By farming ourselves, we have learnt a lot about the wildlife industry in South Africa, breeding methods, selection, quality and more. We use that "school fees paid", homework, and knowledge to share with our clients in order to assist them with their breeding projects from the beginning, and to ensure better purchases.

As mentioned above, Wynand studied wildlife in nature for many years. That knowledge is valuable to better understand the wildlife, and to implement it in your farming and breeding projects.

Wynand has been working as a wildlife agent since 2010, selling other farmers wildlife. Since then he has spent hundreds of hours with game farmers and breeders in the veld, and in their breeding camps. Each one of the farmers breed with different species and variants. Each one of these farmers have a different scecie that they have a special love for, and therefore better knowledge of that specie or variant. Wynand learns something new almost every week, by talking to the farmers, asking questions, and learning with his eyes. This knowledge is used to assist our clients in buying the right wildlife, so that their business can grow and improve.

We do not market and advertise all wildlife, just because it is available. We build relationships with our clients, and therefore we would only want to sell you the best available wildlife within your budget, in order to improve and build your farming business. We are not going to sell you any wildlife, just because it is available, and quick commission. We will look for the right animals, at the right price. Since 2010 we have met many farmers and breeders, and got to know their wildlife and standards well. We learnt which breeders have good quality of which wildlife, and who specializes in different animal species. This enables us to know who to contact for different wildlife species and variants, when looking for animals for your buyers.

We will email you all the animals available, depending on your request, needs, and requirements. When you decide on a specific animal, we will cc the buyer and seller from there on in all the emails, so that the buyer and seller knows exactly what is said, and who they are dealing with. We will email the seller as much as possible information about the animal that they are interested in. We will make all the arrangements for the buyer to visit the seller's farm, view the wildlife for sale, and meet the seller at the same time. When the buyer is ready to do the purchase, the seller will send his invoice, which will be forwarded to the buyer. No payments will be made to us, or to our bank account. the buyer pays the seller direct, or into the lawyers trust account o the seller. After the wildlife has been loaded and off-loaded, we will send an invoice for 3% commission + VAT to the seller.

We arrange the transport permits. We can also arrange for insurance and transport quotes, if the buyer do not have someone that he already works with.

When buying wildlife through us, you get our knowledge and experience for free, you get as much as possible information about the animals you are buying, you get honest reliable service, and you get "hands on" arrangements to ensure a smooth transaction.

We have a great love and passion for the wildlife industry, and would like to make a positive contribution to the industry.
We are looking forward to meet you, and doing business with you.
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