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This is your one stop to purchase or sell wildlife.

Selling wildlife or looking for certain wildlife as requested by our clients is a full time occupation for us. Being wildlife agents is not a sideline job for us - this is what we do.

We are very proud of our achievements as wildlife agents and the number of transactions that we successfully completed or closed during the past year. Very little time is spent in an office behind a computer. We drive and fly thousands of kilometers every week to visit a large number of our clients, looking for the animals that you would like to buy, or for buyers to buy the animals that you would like to sell. We often drive out to farms of farmers who would like to sell wildlife. We will take the photos ourselves, and to make sure the animals are as specified. It is important for us to have a personal relationship with our buyers and sellers.

Contact us by email with the animals that you are looking for, if you can not find it in our website. Remember to to specify bloodlines, sex, age and the minimum horn measurements, if applicable. We will search  for those animals on your behalf.

Our commissions are very affordable, and often negotiable. We believe in keeping the selling and buying prices of the wildlife as low as possible. This gives us the opportunity to sell more animals. The majority of the prces are given by the seller, and we add our commission of 3% to 5%, depending on the selling price (The higher the price, the lower our commission percentage). Often we will advertise the seller price, and then specify our commission.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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