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Wynand wildlife services wildlifes sales agent
Welcome to Wynand Wildlife
This website is written in English and Afrikaans, for your convenience.
Indien u verkies om die Afrikaanse bladsye in hierdie webwerf te sien, kliek op die Afrikaanse skakels hierbo.
Wynand wildlife agent services and sales
In 2008 we started to breed and farm with rare wildlife. The wildlife that we currently breed and farm with, includes kings wildebeest, golden kings wildebeest, black impala, hartwater springbuck, sable antelope, nyala, and more.
In 2010, Wynand Breytenbach (Wynand Wildlife) began to work as a wildlife agent, by helping other farmers to sell their wildlife, and also by looking for wildlife that breeders and farmers are looking for to buy.
During this time we have assisted many game farmers, investors, and others with their wildlife needs. During the past 26 years, Wynand gained knowledge of the different wildlife species, as well as knowledge of the variants over the past 8 years. This knowledge as well as knowledge of the wildlife industry in general, enabled us to assist and advice many farmers to purchase the right animals, in order to build good breeding herds. Today many of these farmers have excellent breeding herds.
• Why market and sell your wildlife through Wynand Wildlife?
• Why purchase your wildlife through Wynand Wildlife?
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Wildlife for sale
Golden wildebeest
Kings wildebeest
Golden kings wildebeest
Seretse wildebeest
Black impala
Saddleback impala
White & White flanked impala
Sable antelope - all bloodlines
Buffalo - all bloodlines
Roan antelope
Eland - all variants
Blesbuck - all variants
Gemsbuck / Oryx - all variants
Kudu - all variants
Hartwater springbuck
Rhino - white and black
Other rare and normal game