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Gideon van Tonder
082 313 7987
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Gideon van Tonder is someone who love a sunrise on the open road! From a young age he enjoyed travelling, seeing new destinations, and taking on new adventures.
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Brits / Hartbeespoort
Transport throughout South Africa
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South Africa rodeo Gideon van Tonder
In 2008 he started working as a tour guide for a company which took foreign tourist on adventures to the Okavango Delta in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe / Zambia, Kruger National Park, and other destinations in South Africa. Gideon gained experience and knowledge of nature, as well as people by working with the foreign tourist.
In 2010 Gideon took an opportunity for a new adventure, by going to work in USA for a year. He worked for a harvesting contractor who worked throughout America, from Florida to North Dakota, harvesting farmers crops for them.
The long hours harvesting fields, and driving trucks on the open roads of America, empowered his big love for country music. Gideon enjoys American country music, and is in heaven when sitting by a camp fire with a guitar, playing and singing some of his favourite songs in his way.
Working as a tour guide and a harvester, are very responsible jobs where you drive with expensive vehicles, machinery, and foreign tourist for long hours, and only then the work begins. Gideon is a very reliable and responsible person, with much experience in long distance driving.
Gideon returned to South Africa early in 2011. This was when his love for the open road and nature came together, and him starting his career. He got involved in the wildlife industry, by helping other people to transport and offload wildlife for them. All his previous experience of driving long distances came in very handy, as he had to transport expensive wildlife, which requires an experienced and responsible driver is an important requirement.
His experience in long distance driving with precious loads as a tour guide and a heavy vehicle driver in America, taught him skills that is needed as a wildlife transport driver. He was quickly learning the other aspects of wildlife transport, and more about the wildlife that he transported.
The game capturers and game farmers who he transported wildlife for, were very impressed with the professional service that Gideon offered. These people recommended Gideon to other people who needed wildlife transported, and he started getting more work from new clients. With the basic but essential experience he gained in 2011, he decided that it was time to expand.
In 2012 Gideon bought a reliable bakkie and a 3 compartment game trailer to transport wildlife. A variety of game capturers and game farmers started using Gideon to transport their wildlife. The number of clients increased rapidly, and he quickly became known as a reliable transporter.
By being on the road all the time transporting wildlife, he very often got involved with game captures. Almost every day he works with other wildlife vets, game capturers, agents, and every day he learns something new. His experience and knowledge expands all the time.
This experience and knowledge is crucial when driving short and long distances with wildlife. He regularly monitors the wildlife, and therefore can see when there is something wrong with an animal. If needed, he can quickly contact the right people to prevent losses for the farmer.
It is a big privilege for Gideon to do what he is doing. The wildlife always comes first, and he look forward to meeting new people, to see new places, and to assist where he can.
See you on the open roads.
Gideon maintains and services his vehicles and trailers well, and goes through everything before wildlife are loaded. He is proud of his professional, safe, and responsible driving, as well as monitoring the wildlife regularly. He is proud to positively contribute to the wildlife industry.
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