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Kruger van Zyl has a beautiful 4000 hectares game farm close to the Botswana border. He is better known as the leading kings wildebeest game farmer, but also breed and farm very successful with a variety of wildlife, as mentioned above left.
In 2000 he bought his first black impala ram, which walkes with Rooibokkraal ewes, which are well known for the larger body size, and exceptional horns. These genetics are now visible in the black impalas that he breeds now, with large bodies and very good horn sizes in the black rams.
In 2001 Kruger bought his first golden wildebeest. He has bought many more bulls since then, to increase the breeding herds, and ultimately improve the colour and horn quality.
After breeding a few years in camp systems, he removed all the normal blue wildebeest from the 1400 hectares open farm, and moved all the split and golden wildebeest to the open farm.
By 2016 there were 140 split and golden wildebeest on the open farm in different herds, with a variety of breeding bulls from 27.5" to 29.25". The colour and horn quality on the open farm are excellent. Kruger managed to breed top quality golden wildebeest.
In 2003 Kruger van Zyl bought and started breeding kings wildebeest. There were no kings bulls available, but he managed to buy two kings wildebeest cows. At that time it was only Kruger and Jaap Seegers who were breeding kings wildebeest, that was known as "bont wildebeest".
One of the two kings wildebeest cows gave birth to the well known kings wildebeest bull "King" in photo left. Kruger used "King" as a breeding bull for a few more years, before he sold "King" and five of his bull sons in 2010 to game breeders including Piet du Toit and Dries Visser.
In February 2012 Piet du Toit hosted his first wildlife auction, in whioch "King" was sold for a record amount of R 5 100 000 + VAT. The buyer was Aashford Lodge (Pilanesberg Game Breeders). No other kings wildebeest were ever sold for more at that point in time.
Kruger van Zyl has always been doing his best to improve the quality and horn sizes of all his wildlife, including the kings wildebeest. Over the years he regularly bought more bulls, cows and heifers, to introduce new bloodline and to improve the quality.
Throughout the years, Kruger very seldom sold female genetics. Every year he introduced more and more breeding bulls, which wre used to mate with the bred female genetics. The breeding bulls are rotaed and moved to new female each year, to improve the genetics.
By 2016 the average kings wildebeest breeding bulls in South Africa, measured 23" to 23.5".
In 2016 Kruger van Zyl used 12 breeding bulls, of which 9 of the bulls measured 27" to 29.5". He only used three breeding bulls that did not measure 27", but measured more than 26".
Two of the bulls that Kruger bred and now uses as breeding bulls, are the kings wildebeest bulls "Duet" en "Mkuru", which are the two largest kings bulls in the word as far as we know. Kruger is also very successful with the breeding of large spot kings wildebeest. See video clips below.
Kudoes, impala and wildebeest does very well in the Thabazimbi / Rooibokkraal area. For that reason Kruger van Zyl decided to start breeding with colour variant kudus, and to expand his impala colour variants by starting to breed with saddleback impala, and white flanked impala.
Willem van der Merwe of Chikwala (Loskop Game Breeders) close to Groblerdal, is very well known in the South African wildlife industry for the exceptional quality saddleback impala with black faces, black saddles / backs, and black legs, which he bred since 2000.
Kruger van Zyl bought from Willem van der Merwe top quality saddleback ram and a group of beautiful saddleback ewes with black faces and backs, as well as split saddleback ewes.
Willem van der Merwe recommended that Kruger must add some of his own exceptional black impala ewes to the saddleback breeding herd. This breeding herd now produce excellent top quality saddleback impala, with beautiful masks and black faces, very dark to black saddles, wide black stripes on the backside, and thick black stripes on the front and back legs.
Kruger van Zyl started breeding balck and white kudu in 2012. He originally bought dark kudu from the Easter Cape, which bred darker and darker calves, by regularly buying in new genetics. He bought white kudu from various breeders throughout Limpopo the past few years. The offspring are whiter and whiter with each generation. See photos left.
The two videos below
Kings wildebeest bull with large spot
Kings wildebeest breeding herd. Note how many of the jounger kings have visible large spots
Kruger van Zyl bought in 2014 / 2015 white saddleback blesbuck genetics from Donnie van Zyl, who is very well known in the wildlife industry as a top white saddleback breeder, known for the exceptional quality and genetics that he breeds with.
Kruger decided to expand the variety of impala colour variants that he had. He then swapped kings wildebeest for white flank impalas. The offspring is good quality, with much more white than the average white flanked impalas in South Africa.
Kruger bought his first golden kings wildebeest in 2014, including two breeding bulls. The offspring of his first two years were very good quality golden kings wildebeest calves, with large spots and perfect white face masks.
Kruger bought a further 50% ownership in a well established golden kings wildebeest, that were bred by Wynand Wildlife. The golden kings breeding bull is a quality bull with a large spot and buatiful face mask (see photo below left). The heifers and cows in the herd are all split golden kings wildebeest, with visible large spots. Top quality golden kings calves are a guarantee.
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Kruger van Zyl
Kruger van Zyl
Kruger van Zyl
Kruger van Zyl
Kruger van Zyl
Kruger van Zyl
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